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Buying Experience

We just bought a flat at HM Delphi and are delighted with the end result. The layout, the overall build quality and commitment to detail make for a beautiful home. HM delivered everything that they committed to do in a professional and hassle-free manner.

The buying experience was remarkably pleasant. We found HM to be very responsive to an individual home owner’s needs. The Sales team was knowledgeable and friendly. They gave us accurate information and we felt that they were very sincere in their dealings with us. We did not have any surprises whether in terms of costs or anything else in the apartment. We’ve had an outstanding experience with HM and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy an apartment in Bangalore.

HM Delphi #201
Quality of Construction
I bought a flat in HM Worldcity, in 2007. I chose to buy an HM flat because of their reputation for putting up high quality apartment buildings – apartments with good quality sanitary and lighting fittings, quality civil work and good workmanship. Today I continue to be a happy HM homeowner because I find that HM lived up to its commitment of delivering high quality construction.
Mr.Vikram Patil
When I decided to buy a flat 4 years ago, I asked friends and colleagues for suggestions. I also did a little market research on the different builders in the city. HM Constructions was highly recommended, primarily because of their transparency when dealing with customers. I bought an apartment in HM Symphony and was happy that they were completely transparent in their financial dealings.

There were no hidden costs that we found once we had signed the purchase agreement. HM also gave us accurate dimensions of the built up and super built up area of our apartment.

Mr.Naveen Kumar
5 years ago when I decided to make a life time investment in an apartment, I looked at about 50 apartment buildings across Bangalore city, before I settled on HM Gladiolus. One of my major concerns was my financial planning i.e. how soon would I be able to move into my own apartment and thereby stop paying rent on a flat. I was very happy when HM Constructions stuck to its commitment and gave me possession of my apartment just 15 months after I had made the initial payment to book my flat.
Mr. Ravi Mallela
ABM Amro Bank
Layout of property
When looking for an apartment to buy my primary concern was with the layout of the flat i.e. the living areas should be of a comfortable size, the kitchen should be bright and well ventilated, the common areas in the apartment should be broad rather than cramped. I was also looking for an apartment block with a well equipped club house. All my wishes were met with at HM Symphony.
Mr.Rajiv Agarwal


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