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To begin here with the right mindset, you should know that Kanakapura Road is one of the most promising places of luxury living in the state of Karnataka, especially on the southern fringes of the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore. You may be surprised to know that Kanakapura Road has got a rating of 4.3 on a scale of 5 on some of the most renowned real estate review sites. Having said that, we mean there is a great potential of the Kanakapura Road itself to those who prefer to live on the southern fringes of the Bangalore City.

After taking a panoramic view of the areas on both sides of the Kanakapura Road, you will simply fall in love with the place. It has all the modern living amenities as well as the lush greens all-around. Interestingly, it's just 55 KM away from the City of Bangalore and well connected by the NH 209. Besides, the upcoming 4D Disneyland Park there is promising something larger than life to the people living along the Kanakapura Road. In other words, living on the Kanakapura Road can be a lifetime opportunity to all who aspire to live with all the state-of-the-art amenities of a city life yet in the tranquillity and peace amidst the greens.

Things to know about the 4D Disneyland Park:

Hilltop park: The proposed 4D Disneyland Park is coming up on the hillock Vaikunta. It means the park is located in an environment-friendly atmosphere and its picturesque surrounding is natural as if the goodness of life is reverberating all around there. This is indeed a very rare feature in many parts of the world. You can call the 4D Disneyland Park as a natural park that is being adorned further with the touch of the finest technology on earth today.

Spacious Park: The Vaikunta hillock is spread over 28 acres. The construction of the park began way back in 2012 and the park is estimated to complete anytime soon within this fiscal. In other words, the park will soon be open to the public adding values of living there along the Kanakapura Road.

Learning opportunity on Lord Krishna: Interestingly, Iskcon is developing the 4D Disneyland Park on the Vaikunta hillock and Iskcon bought this hillock in a public auction with an outlay of INR 23 crore a few years back. However, the fact is that the said 4D park is yet to be named officially. But, it is being constructed on the basics of the Disneyland, California and the concept behind the development of the park is to create an awareness on the importance of selfless love that according to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was the torchbearer.

A special opportunity for unwinding: Your longing for the tranquillity and peace in an eco-friendly environment will certainly find a solace here as the park is on the Vaikunta hillock and the place are well within the reach from the posh Bangalore hub. The best part is that housing around the place is being developed in the model of Gokuldham, the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence period. The development cost of the park runs into several crore and according to an estimate, the cost of developing the 4D park based on the life and work of Lord Krishna can go an upward of INR 350 crore. After a day's hard work or at the end of a week (as may be convenient to you), visit the park with your family and friends and unwind there to your heart's content.

360-degree panoramic view of Bangalore: For a 360-degree panoramic view of the Kanakapura Road as well as the City of Bangalore, you must visit the park. The park offers a unique opportunity for enjoying the scenic beauty of the City Bangalore and its adjoining areas.

Hilltop park Spacious Park Learning opportunity on Lord Krishna A special opportunity for unwinding 360-degree panoramic view of Bangalore