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The art and music are the lifeblood of a society. They not only reflect the intrinsic value system of the people there, but also create telltale many things about them such as education, health, wellbeing, and economy. For instance, Dollu Kunitha is known as the most popular drum dance of Karnataka that essentially revolves around the culture of worshiping the deity Beeralingeswara by the Kuruba Gowdas (people belonging to a Hindu caste earning their livelihood through shepherding and farming). That's the catch.

Frankly speaking, Karnataka is rich in its cultural heritage be it in the form of art or the music. Some of the brightest artists, writers, and musicians that India has ever produced owe their origin to Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. The famous art festival "Art Bengaluru" has stepped into its 8th year showcasing the diverse art forms from around the world. Some of the top localities of South Bangalore are Kanakapura Road, Jayanagar, Electronics City on Hosur Road, and Banashankari and those are very popular residential areas.

Key areas of art and music of Bangalore:

Paintings and artefacts: You get to see much innovative painting styles from South India such as Tanjore painting, marble painting, and miniature painting that by default may have the root to Bangalore. Being the capital of the state Karnataka and regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore provides some exquisite opportunities of showcasing exemplary talents. As a matter of fact, bronze and brass made unique artefacts can also be found here.

Aesthetically sound furniture: Catching the popular trend of Indian fusion art, Bangalore has a special place even in the case of fine furniture such as a table, chair, wall hangings, and stands, and wall brackets. Such a furniture gives your home a contemporary look and feel amidst the rich musical heritage of South India.

Wooden handicrafts: Handmade wooden items such as the elephant god and others can hold you spellbound and they truly adore the interior of your home. All these artefacts are made of quality wood such as teak, rosewood, and sandalwood. As such, they offer a unique value proposition befitting your style and personality statement.

Custom artefacts: This is yet another revolutionary aspect of the artefacts from South India. Being one of the finest cities of India, Bangalore offers some exquisite artefacts that can be customised according to your exact need. For instance, you want a corner table for your home that befits the space available there or you need a specially designed jewellery box and a laptop stand. Just place the order and you will get the same delivered at your doorstep.

Cosmopolitan culture: 62% of the people living in Bangalore City are migrants from other states in India. Interestingly, a sizeable population of Bangalore constitutes expats too. All these put together indicates that the City of Bangalore truly enjoys a cosmopolitan culture serving one's urge for socialisation with the community people.

South Indian jewellery: You know what, South Indian jewellery has a special place around the globe especially to those who love ethnic wears. For instance, Araimudi was once very popular among the young Tamil girls. It is a silver made ornament that looks like a heart or a fig leaf and it was being worn around the waist by the Tamil girls aged between 10 years or more. An Araimudi, at times, was meant for concealing their nudity. However, that's what the history says about Araimudi. With the passage of time, Araimudi has evolved as a jewellery that one can feel proud of by wearing around the neck.

Carnatic music: Carnatic music is well regarded throughout the world as one of the finest classical music of India. Bangalore offers you a lifetime opportunity of listening to the tunes of the pure Carnatic music that revolves around the Hindu tradition. The music is performed by a vocalist (singer) with the support from the instruments like venu flute, chitraveena, tambura, ghatam, violin, mridangam, and kanjira. The rhythm and the resonance that this music creates has a universal appeal and value to all.